Impactful jottings

Some jottings from an impacting service

1. When God sends you a word, don’t doubt it. Receive it.

2. Your present circumstances may not look like the word you have received. Accept it nonetheless.

3. Learn to accept God’s word and say, “Let it be unto me according to your word.”

4. God will always exceed your expectations in order to make your joy full.

5. When your word comes, say ‘Amen’ like you believe it is already done.

6. As long as it is in the will of God, the minute you ask, heaven releases it.

7. If the word does not manifest instantly. don’t doubt it. Believe and it will happen for you

8. Your doubt and unbelief can push the manifestation of the word away from you.

9. God connects you to helpers of destiny in order to bring the word into action in your life.

10. Appreciate your helpers of destiny. Show gratitude.

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