Samaritan Care Ministry is a vibrant ministry of volunteers, donors and diverse support groups united by a passion to serve the poor. Together, we gladly give ourselves to fulfilling Global Harvest’s vision – that the poor should never be treated poorly.

We live this vision in myriad of ways.

We minister to the destitute and other less privileged that are within our community in liaison with orphanages, care homes, and other NGOs. Many times, this care is expressed through the provision of food, shelter, health care and much needed daily supplies.

We also offer educational scholarships to children whose parents have been martyred for the sake of the gospel.

We listen unceasingly for new struggles of the poor and we find creative ways to address these struggles.

We seek gaps in existing government services for the poor and fill them even as we continue to live in hope for the day when we would have eradicated the shame of poverty.

Anyone is free to join the Samaritan Care ministry. For further inquiry please send an email to